Cotinuous Welded Rail (CWR) Railcar Modification

Client Name: Ronsco
Project Type: Railcar Design/Modification
Project Location: Southlake, TX
Completion Date: 11/30/2014

The TTS engineering team was selected to design unique ergonomic and safety features for rail equipment used to transport and deploy Continuous Welded Rail (CWR). These modifications included designing a catwalk to span the length of the 28 railcar train, as well as, designs for a crew work cabin, a protection cabin, a man lift, and lighting. Each of these features had never before been designed for a CWR train set with the intent of providing increase safety and productivity for the crew.

The Solution

TTS relied on a collaborative team effort between the end user, the electrical engineers, and equipment manufacturers to create a unique design that was fully functional and met and exceeded the customer’s expectations.

The Challenge

The rail modifications requested were for a train set of 28 existing CWR railcars which varied in design. These railcar variations caused the need for specific individual engineering designs for each railcar. Our engineers were diligent to keep the varying design modifications as simple and repeatable as possible to reduce fabrication costs. Also, since this style of modifications has never been added to a railcar before, there was no clear set of AAR standards to follow. The TTS team used other industry standards and guidelines as an engineering basis for the design for the project. On top of all of these challenges, TTS engineers were racing against the clock to complete the designs before the weather turned too cold in Quebec to conduct testing.

The Results

TTS achieved high customer satisfaction by providing a production design that resulted in a train-set of CWR railcars used for transporting and deploying continuous welded rail. The safety and ergonomic aspects of the final product was far beyond industry standards. The customer manufactured and implemented all of TTS’ designs that provided the state of the art equipment that is currently in operation today.