Engineering Services

At TTS, one of our core competencies is engineering design. Our experienced, in-house engineering team includes 3 professional engineers (PEs). For dimensional cargo, we provide customized railcar designs, load configurations and securement design services. For wind components, we design rail transport fixtures.

Our engineering design services include:

Railcar design
TTS is North America’s leading expert in engineering design for specialty, niche railcars. We design new cars, modify old ones and do the finite element analysis (FEA).

High/wide load securement
TTS creates securement designs for all types of dimensional equipment to ensure that customers’ loads are properly secured to railcars and meet the AAR Open Top Loading rules. Our securement design services include 1) the creation of clearance drawings, 2) the development of securement designs and 3) the inspection of dimensional loads once they have been loaded and secured to a railcar, to ensure compliance with the AAR requirements.

Fixture design
TTS has designed universal wind component fixtures that allow them to be used for components of varying sizes and designs.  This allows the same fixture to be used for more than one customer design, thus reducing the cost barrier for new users of rail transport for their wind components.  TTS owns wind rail transport fixtures (that we designed) and leases them to both railroads and wind turbine manufacturers for transporting their components.  We hold patents on 2 different types of blade transport fixtures and have a patent-pending on a universal tower saddle fixture.