Wind Logistics

Transportation Technology Services has touched more wind turbines than any other rail logistics company in North America (between what we have designed, loaded, shipped and unloaded). We manage 7,000 to 8,000 wind-related rail shipments each year, including nacelles, hubs, blades and towers.

TTS designs, builds and owns transport fixtures for wind components and leases them to railroads and wind turbine manufacturers. We hold patents on 2 different types of blade transport fixtures and have a patent-pending on a universal tower saddle.
The patented TTS blade fixtures can be repositioned on the rail car in order to accept different blade designs. Being able to re-use the fixtures for various types and sizes of blades makes transporting them more efficient and cost-effective for our clients.

The TTS universal tower saddle reduces costs for shipping towers via rail. Current saddle designs are fixed diameter units, which are only useful for a specific tower size. In contrast, the TTS tower saddle is versatile, designed with the ability to adapt to different tower sizes. This allows for multiple tower sections to be used with the same basic saddle, preventing obsolescence and lowering costs.