Special Train – 2 Generators, 2 Turbines, and 135+ Truckloads

Client Name: Mitsubishi Power Systems
Project Type: Special Train - 2 Generators, 2 Turbines, and 135+ Truckloads
Project Location: Las Vegas, NV to Housotn, TX
Completion Date: 05/06/2013

Mitsubishi Powers Systems Americas, Inc. (MPSA) was contracted by Calpine Corporation to refurbish 2 Turbines and 2 Generators that had been in storage in Las Vegas for over 10 years. Once the units had been refurbished they were to be transported by rail to two power plant projects in Houston, TX (Lyoundell @ Houston, TX and Shell @ Deer Park, TX). Transportation Technology Services arranged for movement of all 4 units in special train service from Las Vegas, NV to Houston, TX.

The Solution

TTS worked with Barnhart Crane & Rigging to have all 4 of the units staged on crane mats to allow quick loading at the storage facility. The staging on crane mats allowed the units to be loaded at the storage yard without using a crane, thus speeding up the delivery to the rail loading location. The Nevada DOT provided a narrow delivery window as movement required a temporary road closure in an industrial area. Also, a TTS Field Project Manager developed a detailed truck load plan that specified what accessory items would be loaded together to minimize the number of truckloads needed for the project. Our in-house knowledge of both legal loads and permitted loads helped us design an efficient load plan that helped minimize the cost exposure for our customer. Finally, TTS provided our own certified rigger at the storage site to assist with the crane loading of the larger accessory pieces to trucks. Further, this individual provided TTS oversight for the loading of the Generators and Turbines to truck and railcars.

The Challenge

The generators and turbines needed to be transported in a single special train to two different refineries in Houston. The loading of the special train had to be coordinated with the Union Pacific to be sure that the units were properly loaded in the correct sequence so that they arrived at destination in the correct order for installation at the sites. Further, the large units needed to arrive at the destination on the weekend as this was the only delivery window that the refinery would allow to discharge the railcars. The unloading track at the refinery was typically used for loading outbound tankcars of petroleum products. In addition to turbines and generators, TTS also transported over 135 truckloads of accessory items from the storage facility in Las Vegas, NV to the two refineries. Many of these accessories were permitted loads that required special road permits.

The Results

TTS delivered all 135+ truckloads of accessories to each refinery without any project delays. Further, the main units (Generators and Turbines) were delivered during the weekend window to allow discharging at the site. All units and accessories were delivered injury free, on time, and damage free without any impact to the construction schedule at the two sites.