GE Generator and Intercooler to El Paso, TX

Client Name: Geneal Electric
Project Type: Intercooler and Generator for Plant Expansion
Project Location: Houston, TX and Long Beach, CA to El Paso, TX
Completion Date: 08/09/2012

Movement of a generator, intercooler, and turbine to a power plant expansion in El Paso, TX. All three units needed to arrive at the site in proper sequence. The intercooler and generator arrived by rail, while the turbine arrived by truck. All three units were delivered to the site using a Self Propelled Modular Trailer (SPMT).

The Solution

The TTS team worked closely with all stakeholders to be sure that they were prepared to meet the narrow delivery window of the customer. This required expediting of the railcars to the transloader at El Paso, coordination with the crane operators to be sure they mobilized at the right time to offload both units, and coordination with the site to ensure proper delivery sequence of all units.

The Challenge

The intercooler and generator were originally planned to be delivered to the Port of Houston for transport together to the site. However, due to some schedule challenges with the intercooler it was determined that the unit would be delivered to the Port of Long Beach to save some transport time. TTS had to coordinate with the railroads, trucking company, and crane operators to be sure everyone was prepared once the units arrived from Long Beach and Houston. Further, the customer required that the generator, intercooler, and turbine be delivered in a specific installation sequence. Further, TTS had to work with the transloader to discharge the units without impacting their daily operations.

The Results

TTS was able to provided an end-to-end transport solution for this project that required close coordination of all stakeholders (railroad, rigging, transporter, and site installation). The generator and intercooler were delivered to the site safely, on-time, on-budget, damage free, and in the proper installation sequence.