Transportation Technology Services Purchases 20-Axle Schnabel Car

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Transportation Technology Services (TTS) is excited to announce our purchase of the TEXX1135, 20-axle Schnabel railcar (formerly CPOX 820).  This car was originally designed for certain General Electric, ABB, and Westinghouse transformers.  However, TTS has designed adapters that will allow almost any transformer design (including 7-Leg designs) to be moved using this railcar. We have completed the engineering analysis to increase the weight capacity of the car to 980,000 lbs.  The new weight capacity has already been approved by the Association of American Railroads (AAR).  Further, TTS plans to complete some minor modifications to the the railcar that will ultimately increase the load limit to 1,135,000 lbs.  As a result, we have stenciled the car TEXX 1135 to reflect the new weight capacity and our proud Texas heritage.  TTS has some of the most experienced operators in the industry to ensure that your project is delivered on schedule, and damage free.  Also, the usage fee for this Schnabel car is one of the lowest in the industry, and costs are minimized as only 2 operators are typically required for this railcar. Additionally, TTS can provide technical drawings, develop shift plans, and provide full scope logistics support for these complex projects.

Please contact Michael Gallagher at (817) 421-3535 to reserve this railcar or to discuss your next big project.