Universal Wind Blade Fixtures

Client Name: Wind Blade Manufacturers
Project Type: Wind Blade Fixture Design
Project Location: North America
Completion Date:

As wind turbine blades have reached lengths of 50 meters and longer, TTS wanted to design a unique new railcar fixture to transport them more efficiently. TTS relied on its wind industry expertise and engineering capabilities to create a new loading format that has transformed how the wind industry transports blades.

The Solution

After months of dedicated work and testing, TTS introduced a newly designed stacking tip stand to support the blades during rail transit. TTS then fabricated and applied these advanced stacking tip stands to a train-set of railcars. The finished product was the HD (High Density) Universal Blade Train. The use of the newly designed stacking tip stand allows customers the ability to ship 48 blades on a single 72 car unit train.

The Challenge

TTS set out to create a more efficient universal loading configuration that could be used for blades up to 50 meters. In addition to a universal loading design, TTS also wanted to maximize the number of blades that could be loaded on each 72 car unit train. More blade per train translates to a lower per unit cost for our customers.

The Results

The newly designed stacking tip stand on the HD Universal blade train resulted in a 33% load increase over previously used loading methods reducing shipping costs. The first two HD Universal blade trains successfully delivered blades from Corpus Christi, TX to a wind farm in Kansas in the fall of 2014. Currently, there are two of these trains moving, and there are plan to additional ones in 2015.